God and Us!

by: Muh. Takdir

God is not at all an invisible flying person, has some primitive religious sects often depict Him. God is a Universal Ocean of Consciousness. What the size of him? Could we like to imagine the distance of one light year? This is an astronomical space measure equal to the distance that light covers in one year in earthly time measures. Astronomers discovered cosmic objects located at a distance of billions of light years. But God is still larger, for the universe is infinite. He is infinitely large.


Whatever large we consider our planet to be, when we walk, tired, across its surface or fly around it, Earth is negligibly small compared to the Greatness of the Ocean of the God’s Consciousness. It was the God’s creation.

Earth was God’s creation of countless materials, in which there are several Oceans. Earth or others planets in the universe with favorable conditions for life and evolution. In the human body, animals, plant evolution is universally held. As an ordinary human being has become a viable and able to live in a place of diversity creator and creation. Which will be provided in a full peace, comfort, enjoyment in this case is The Heaven as the ideal for everyone.

According to the teaching of Islam, one of the verse of Allah SWT about God / Allah is the Creator of All:

“The Originator of the heavens and the earth! When He decreeth a thing, He saith unto it only: Be! and it is.” [Quran 2:117]

As per discussed some of  students from the Elementry School which have the opinions of the God were below:

1. Instead of many Gods, but God is always there, anywhere. and whenever we need, God is always definitely ready to help with the wonders of His.

2. No theory about God. God only for worshiped.

3. God has the absolute nature of In contrast to His creature (Qiyamuhu Binafsihi)

4. God does not occupy space, not only on earth, not only in the Milky Way, but God Space  and Almighty Creator of the Universe


In my principles say that :

“It will be better when I Iive and have self-confidence of the existence of God and then when I die discover of not-existence of God, than when I’ve lived and have the self-confidence of the not-existence of God, and then when I die discover of the existence of God”

wb: mh_takdir@yahoo.com


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